Graywolf Reply!!!

So I recieved an email back from Graywolf:

Hi Alyssa,

I’ve had the grad school question from several people before and, unfortunately, I honestly don’t have an answer for you. I can’t speak for our press as I’m not in charge of any of the hiring here, but the amount of staff that have gone to grad school versus those that haven’t is pretty evenly divided, I think. I’m the importance having completed grad school would depend on the press/company.

As for social networking, Graywolf has a Facebook and a Twitter account, both of which are very active and updated frequently. Facebook and Twitter have both been really helpful for staying in touch with our readers, and we use them to announce upcoming readings, events, and new publications, as well as to hold occasional giveaways or to answer readers’ questions. Personally I’ve noticed that it’s becoming more and more common for businesses of all kinds to use social networking sites, but especially in industries (like publishing) where marketing is extremely important. It’s just one more way that you can reach your audience directly.

(Since we’re already talking about it, you can visit our Facebook page here: and follow us on Twitter here:

I’m sorry I couldn’t answer all of your questions, but I hope I was somewhat helpful. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Best wishes,



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2 responses to “Graywolf Reply!!!

  1. firstdrafty

    What question did you ask about graduate school? I’m so curious!

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