Emails returned!

I have received word back from two publishing houses.  This is the email I got back from Augsburg Fortress

Dear Lyssa,
Thank you for your continued interest in Augsburg Fortress Publishing. As our internships are only available in the summers, I would like to invite you to look at our Job Opportunities page beginning this coming January and February. That is the time of year we typically begin to post our summer internship opportunities in full detail pertaining to hours and duties. Interns are offered competitive compensation.
If you see an internship that meets your interest at that time, please send a resume and cover letter, stating which internship you would like to be considered for. If you have any questions regarding the process or our internship opportunities, please feel welcome to contact us. Thank you, and all the best to you as you pursue opportunities for your future!
Human Resources
Augsburg Fortress Publishing


Umm… that really didn’t help me out too terribly much.

I sent another email to Greywolf Press today and got a response in just a few hours!  Here’s what they told me:

Dear Alyssa,

Thank you for writing and for your interest in Graywolf Press.

I can certainly try to answer some general questions about our press for you. If this is for a publication or research project I would probably want to get you in touch with our Marketing and Publicity Manager, but if you’re just looking to satisfy your own curiosity I can certainly give it a go.

Best wishes,
Marisa Atkinson

Marisa Atkinson
Administrative Assistant

Sounds a bit more promising!!



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2 responses to “Emails returned!

  1. firstdrafty

    How great! Graywolf is top of the line. I hope you will tell us more about what you find out. And are you thinking of pursuing a summer internship? It can give you experience that is truly priceless.

  2. narrowdoorways

    Go you! Good luck.

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