Jacket Copy

This was an exercise I did for my Lit Publishing class.  This is a Jacket Copy for the book Runaways by V.C. Andrews:

Runaways By V.C. Andrew


Butterfly, Crystal, Raven, and Brooke each came together from a promise of a good life that ended in brokenness to begin something brand new.


These four teenage girls, each with unique talents and personalities, are united as best friends within the walls of a dilapidated orphanage.  Under the careful watch of Gordon Tooey, the Deranged foster father, the girls still keep the dream alive that there is a better life for them out there somewhere.  They are willing to do anything to turn that dream into reality.


They have big dreams.  One wishes to meet her birth other, another dreams of fame and fortune, and one simply dreams of furthering their education.  In a daring escape, the girls manage to steal Gordon’s station wagon with what little possessions they had in order to set out on a cross-country adventure, unaware of the characters and adventures soon to enter their lives…


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