Job Hunting

I plan on graduating May 2010 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative/Professional Writing.  My goal, first of all, is to get a good job at a publishing house.  From there, I hope to end up as  a Literary Agent.

Currently, I’m looking for jobs in the Twin Cities.  I haven’t applied for any, but I’ve been trying to find someone to answer my questions I have about the publishing industry.  So far, no one has responded.  I contacted Beaver’s Pond Press Spring of my junior year at college.  They told me they would send information about their establishment and told me to look them up upon graduation.  I haven’t recieved any information yet.

The following is a list of the publishing houses I am currently interested in:



(I stumbled across this publishing house by accident.)

-Affiliated with the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.)
-Publishes a wide range of books, from hymnals to novels
-Also produces study materials for Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, etc
Well-Known Author Affiliations: Garrison Keillor
Internship: Offered, but must email for complete information
Current Job Openings: Listed here.
Contact made? Yes, twice.  Once this summer, and again yesterday.  Haven’t heard anything recently.

Greywolf Publishing

Greywolf Publishing

-Wide range of genres published, including Memior, Poetry, and Short Stories
-Many authors affiliated with Greywolf have gone on to win awards and great recognition (click here)
Internship: Offered.  Four month internship, unpaid.  Offered in editing, development, and Marketing (click here for more information)
Contact made? Yes.  No response yet.

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